Dalton’s Mom’s Salsa, despite it actually being his father’s recipe, is QUITE good. Much like Dalton’s Mom, the salsa has a really nice balance of savory and salty with a heat point that is JUST right. Not too hot, not too dull. Like Dalton’s Mom. 11/10 would recommend.

- Tim K

I've been enjoying this stuff for years; endlessly pestering Dalton's mom to make us more so we could fuel the next skate session, punk show, or road trip. Thank goodness we can buy it off shelf now. Dalton's mom is a sweet lady, and she deserves a break. This stuff is awesome! Great flavor, perfect heat, I laugh every time I look at the jar, and it supports a wonderful cause.

-Paul R

Dalton's Mom's Salsa is absolutely amazing! Great flavor, perfect amount of heat, and it is totally unlike anything else you will find out there. And Dalton's mom is hot!!

- Ryon F

Dalton‘s mom‘s salsa is simply the best salsa I’ve ever tasted! Super fresh. Good with chips, good for snacking, good on eggs, good with avocado. AND I never tire of it. If I ever ended up stranded on an island, I would want a gallon of water and a jar of Dalton‘s mom‘s salsa!

- Chris L

We’ve been eating Dalton’s mom's salsa for years and can’t get enough! Better than any other store bought salsa out there.

- Eddie D

Great salsa and even better owners, can’t wait to see Dalton’s Moms Salsa on the shelves at local stores.

- Jordan H