It all started back in the year 1983 when Dalton’s mom gave birth to Dalton. She knew from the moment he connected eyes with her that there was something different about this incredibly handsome baby…something special. His chiseled abs and striking jawline may have drawn incredible amounts of attention from hospital staff but Dalton’s Mom knew there was something ineffable and profound about this newborn and felt deep within herself that he would someday change this world in a monumental way. What Dalton’s Mom didn’t know was that Dalton would grow to be a full grown man terrible with details and logistics and would eventually drag her into a venture after she had already retired because he loved the idea of extraordinary success with minimal effort and poor follow through. And that brings us to today

Dalton’s Mom’s Salsa* is an ultra successful (probably any day now) salsa company based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The business was originally created to keep up with demands by B-Shift at the firehouse where Dalton is employed. The legendary salsa recipe gained popularity throughout the fire service and eventually became known as Dalton’s Mom’s Salsa*. After realizing how wildly popular the salsa had become, Dalton figured he could begin exploiting his co-workers and charging them money for a product that had always been free of charge. They were hooked on the sauce and he figured if he could abruptly cut them off, he could use their withdrawals to his benefit. They began scratching their necks and rubbing their gums after about a month without salsa and he had them right where he wanted them…insert commercially prepared, bottled salsa. Those maniacs will do anything for a bump of Dalton’s Mom’s Salsa*. 

- Our Mission -

25% of profits go to First Responder mental health advocacy organizations. DMS works closely with several of these non profits and is passionate about raising awareness when it comes to mental health and wellbeing for the responders that serve our community in this capacity. DMS is directly involved in several wellness programs including peer-to-peer support. Please consider visiting our store and purchasing one of our “I support” products (coming soon) which gives 100% of profits to these causes.