Why do you have only one salsa product? Why aren't there more options?

We assume YOU have zero salsa products. Don't you find it kind of odd that someone with zero salsa products would be complaining about a company that has 100% more products available? We are craftsmen and craftsmen spend a lifetime perfecting that one thing that sets them apart from everyone else. But to answer your question...we totally plan on doing more salsas. We just need more money and time and stuff.

Is Dalton's Mom single?

We get literally thousands of emails a month asking this very question. It's exhausting. No she is not single. You should know that Dalton's dad is in excellent health. He's a 68 year old vegan that can probably do more pull-ups and pushups than you so it'll probably be a long time before she's available. Feel free to check back here periodically and we will update his health status if anything changes.

My friend told me he rubbed your salsa on some stubborn upper thigh eczema he'd been dealing with for months and was cured within days. Can this salsa be used as a medical ointment or salve?

Our products have only been cleared by the FDA for human consumption. We cannot advise you use them in any other way than as an edible treat. We are very happy to hear about your friend's upper thigh, however.

Is it actually his father's recipe?


Is there cilantro in your salsa? I don't like cilantro. It tastes like soap to me.

Yes there is cilantro in our recipe. We imagine you're a super fun person to be around with that killer "I don't like cilantro" personality.

Is it true that Dalton's Mom's Salsa is on track to be the best selling salsa in America?

Even though Dalton's Mom's Salsa isn't currently in any major grocery chains, we are confident this rumor is true.

I just introduced my fiance to DMS and she hated it. Now I'm re-thinking everything. Should I still marry this woman? Please help!

We think you already know the answer or you wouldn't have asked it. You gotta drop her ass, bro.

These FAQs don't seem like real questions by real customers. Is DMS just answering their own stupid, made up questions?

Wow, you have a lot of nerve. You think we would stoop to that level and generate our own FAQs??? That would be like, totally insane if that were the case.

I noticed you took a cheap shot at Texans and Californians on your home page. What's that about? Kind of rude, don't ya think?

What's rude is driving in the left lane the same speed as the right. It's a passing lane, ok. Learn the rules of the road before visiting!

Why does Dalton's Mom wear an eye patch?

She doesn't like to talk about it but all we can say is it's a VERY common boxing injury...we'll leave it at that.

Why is you're salsa more expensive than some other brands I enjoy?

First off, it's *your* and second...Good salsa ain't cheap and cheap salsa ain't good.